Running is so simple, right?

Running is simple. Running well and efficiently takes effort! So, how does one improve their running to make it more efficient and less prone to injury? While there are many different types of pains and problems that come with running, the underlying factors tend to fall nicely into three biomechanical categories: flexibility, form, and strength. So, when it comes to transforming a runner, the questions that should come to mind are: where do I need to gain Flexibility? what muscles do I need to Fire Up? and what part of my running Form needs improving? Each runner needs to figure out what they need to improve in each category. By answering these questions, and implementing the proper exercises, this will take their running to the next level. There are certainly other factors including rest, nutrition, and proper structuring of workouts, but the main focus of is to focus on the Flexibility, Firing up, and Form. With simple cues and taking quick time outs from running to improve the flexibility or fire up a key muscle, changes are often profound!

Mike Swinger

About Mike

I am a Physical Therapist in beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan. I have been in practice since 2005 working with a variety of patient cases and conditions. Runners and triathletes have become my favorite populations to work with ranging from someone running their first 5K up to high school state champions, collegiate All-Americans, and Ironman competitors.

I’ve enjoyed coming alongside runners to help them in the clinical setting, but also out on the roads and trails. It’s amazing and exciting to me watching a runner transform their running within a session.

My wife,  Sarah, is also a runner and triathlete. We have five wonderful and active children 6 years old and younger. Needless to say, half of our exercise is spent chasing the little ones around!