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Video: Power Skips Running Form Drill

How many of you have considered your running form? Most of us would rather just lace up and go, then get bogged down in details. Now, I'm not saying you need to fully geek out on your form, that can come later! But I do believe that it's worth your time and effort to...

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Podcasts…Who Knew How Much Fun They Could Be?!

So, I had the chance to be featured on, not one, but two podcasts recently. I am super thankful to Heather and Pam from Michigan Runner Girl for inviting me to be their guest for the special live recording at their recent retreat. Not going to lie, it was a little...

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Video: Run Like a Penguin for Better Form?

Okay, don't actually try to run like a penguin, that won't get you far or fast! However, if you are like most runners, you could stand an upgrade to your foot strength! Today's video covers a form drill called 'Penguin Running.' This drill will challenge you to...

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