Want to run faster and more efficiently? We all do.

What are the nuts and bolts of making it happen? Simply put, faster feet and quicker push-off is a great start.

What is a way to develop faster feet and a quicker push-off? I’m glad you asked.

Today’s video covers one of the best drills out there for developing quicker feet and more efficiency with your leg swing for running. Too often we spend too much time with our foot on the ground, which means we spend too much energy fighting gravity. If we can teach our feet to be lighter and more deft, this will make life happier for our hips, core, and garmin.

In order to do this drill properly, you simply need to be able to skip. Hopefully you had that one mastered in elementary school. To turn this into a full-fledged running drill, you simply drive your knee upward as quickly as possible, and quickly transition to the other foot, while driving with your opposite arm.

It’s better to actually watch the video!

Incorporate this into your warm-up routine as you’re heading out for a run and see how much it helps with running more gracefully.

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