So, I had the chance to be featured on, not one, but two podcasts recently. I am super thankful to Heather and Pam from Michigan Runner Girl for inviting me to be their guest for the special live recording at their recent retreat.

Not going to lie, it was a little intimidating being in front of a room full of women, but I had a blast and we had plenty of good laughs as we covered a lot of ground (pun intended!) in sorting out common running injuries.

Here’s a link to the podcast. Please give it a listen, send some love to Heather and her gang at MRG and let me know what you though of our conversation! Also, if you listen soon enough, you might have a chance to get in on the book giveaway!

Also, I was a guest on the Ordinary Marathoner podcast last week. I was recently turned on to Scott’s podcast and was super impressed by how down to earth and real he is with his training as well as his skill as a podcaster.

We had a fun chat and had a few laughs, partially at his expense! Give his podcast a listen and spread it around. Here’s a link to that conversation.

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Not only with good conversation and meeting great people, but they were also great opportunities to promote and share my book.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s available in paperback and kindle on Amazon. Or, if you live in Northern Michigan, you might just be able to pin me down for a signed copy!

The link to the book is an affiliate link, which basically means that if you make any purchases on Amazon, I get a few dimes off of it.