If I’ve never heard of a muscle, does that mean I don’t have to give it any attention? Unfortunately, our muscles have minds of their own. They will make their presence known whether we like it or not!

Today we’re focusing on a deep hip flexor muscle known as the iliacus. It often is grouped together with the psoas and collectively referred to the iliopsoas…sorry to get geeky so quick! The iliacus is located deep in your lower abdomen but attaches deep in the groin. It is a very important muscle for hip stability, as well as health of the sacroiliac joints.

Wait, a hip flexor muscle affecting a joint just below my low back?! Yes indeed, the iliacus muscle shares deep attachments to many of the ligaments that hold the sacroiliac joints together. If the iliacus is not happy, the SI joint will likely not move correctly.

So, pay attention to the subtleties we add to your typical hip flexor stretch in today’s video. These small changes make a big difference to target the iliacus muscle.

If you want to avoid the bad habits that tight hip flexors will cause, including muscle strains, low back pain, and SI pain, then this stretch should find it’s way into your weekly routine.

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