Do you realize how often runners lack flexibility in their big toe? You might not think that one toe could be that critical to running properly. However, any restriction in how well your big toe extends can throw a major monkey wrench into your running form…as well as cause pain in your foot!

The last part of your foot to touch the ground as you push off is your big toe. When it can extend enough, it allows your foot to gracefully and efficiently go through the push off phase. When the big toe does not extend well, your foot has to find another way to get around it.

Picture a pole-vaulter. When the pole can bend properly, it is able to generate a lot of power to propel the person up and over the bar. Now picture the same pole vaulter trying to vault with a rigid pole. What happens? He probably glanced off to the side and got hurt!

In the same way, when your big toe is too rigid, your foot will move to one side or the other. This can lead to many different issues including bunions, plantar fascia pain, and other foot ailments. It can also detract from your running efficiency.

So let’s make sure our big toes are behaving properly!

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