The foam roller can be your biggest ally when it comes to running pain-free. It can also be your biggest nemesis the day after your tough workout! Love it or hate it, the foam roller can be super helpful to keep you moving.

Unfortunately many runners simply breeze through the motions when they use a foam roller. Just like stretching properly, it takes time and attention to do it properly!

In today’s video we cover WHY it’s important, HOW to use it, and WHAT muscles and parts of your body need to be addressed.

If used properly, a foam roller can be the next most important accessory for running…second only to a good pair of shoes! Dare I say that it might be more helpful than your GPS watch?! But in order to be effective with the foam roller, we need to take enough time and go slowly enough that our muscles and fascia adapt to the forces we place on them. Too often, we move too quickly through a foam rolling routine, which doesn’t give the fascia any time to adapt, the little fibers just rebound back into the place they were already, not helpful!

It’s also important to move in different directions for each muscle. This will ensure that there aren’t unwanted muscle-fascia patterns persisting that can bog a muscle down.

So grab your foam roller and let’s make it happen!