People are often surprised when I tell them that their ‘hip flexor’ is more than just one muscle. There are actually at least six on each hip! Each of these contribute to hip flexion, but also have other unique responsibilities. One of the muscles targeted in today’s video is the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL). All of you that zoned out halfway through that name can come back now, no more crazy latin terminology I promise!

This muscle is located at the front and side of each hip and directly attaches onto the IT Band. This muscle, along with your Glute Med and Glute Min comprise the lateral musculature of your hip. Your Glutes also attach onto your IT Band, but don’t influence it as much as the TFL.

A common imbalance with runners is tight TFL with weak Glutes. Have you been accused of not using your Glutes properly? Give this stretch a try. Have you felt pain or tightness in the TFL or IT Band? Give this stretch a try. Are you interested in keeping all your muscles happy and healthy? Add this one into your arsenal of stretches!

When your lateral hip is working harmoniously, life is so much happier for your hips, knees, and low back. This stretch can help restore balance to an otherwise susceptible area.

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