How many of your muscles are needed to run properly? All of them! This includes the muscles that don’t receive much attention. Your adductor muscles are rarely given any press, yet they can make life cranky if they are too tight!

Where are your adductors? They are a group of long muscles in your inner thigh.

But aren’t those muscles just for gymnasts and team sports?

Absolutely not! Even though we only think about those muscles when we move laterally (or attempt to do the splits…don’t try it at home!), they are actually critical muscles for running. When we flex our hip, our adductors help put on the brakes to return to neutral. When our hip extends, our adductors help return to neutral. So, no matter which direction our hips go, our adductors are always trying to bring them back home.

Because of this, any tightness in our adductors will have a profound effect on how efficiently we can swing our legs back and forth!

So don’t make the critical error of ignoring these muscles when working on your flexibility. Today’s video shows you just how to improve flexibility in this area.

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