Everyone complains about tight hamstrings right? Many people regularly stretch their hamstrings, but see no results.

The two biggest mistakes we make when stretching our hamstrings, is starting with a straight knee and flexing our low back. Both of these bad habits cause our stretching attempts to be ineffective and set us up for aggravating our knees and low back.

Our hamstrings attach onto our sit bone (aka ischial tuberosity) before crossing our hips. Because of this, the movement that best targets the hamstrings should come from our hips, not our low back! Unfortunately, many of us have learned to move incorrectly when we bend toward the floor. Males seem to be especially prone to this!

We’ll cover this in more detail in our facebook live session wednesday evening.

When your hamstrings are working correctly it makes us more efficient runners and takes a lot of stress off our low backs and knees. All good things right!

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