Are your glutes working properly? Have you been encouraged to ‘activate your glutes’ while running? This concept seems to be getting more buzz than core strength these days, which is a good thing!

But…how many of us know if we are ‘activated’ properly? Indeed, this is a tricky concept because it can be much more complicated than to simply squeeze a little or perform a few donkey kicks before you run.

I won’t promise that there is one magic exercise that is going to solve this for you, but today’s video will perhaps bring you one step closer to using all your muscles properly and harmoniously! In order for your muscles to work properly, they need to have enough flexibility for the activity you’re doing. As runners, we don’t need to be as flexible as gymnasts! Our glutes need to have enough flexibility to absorb when our foot hits the ground. This impact is what loads our muscles and prepares them to have maximal power output (picture a slingshot being pulled back). Our muscles can only fire well once they’ve been loaded in this way.

But ultimately, if our flexibility is off, then our muscles will not fire properly!

All of us could benefit from the stretch featured in today’s video, but it will be especially helpful for anyone who has hip, hamstring, or low back discomfort. Or anyone wants to be more efficient and graceful in how they run!

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