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Video: 6K All Day! Let’s Run and Support a Great Cause!

Have you ever run for charity? Or perhaps supported someone else who was raising money for a good cause? I wanted to take a timeout from the usual content to spread the word about an event happening this coming Saturday, August 11, 2018. My cousin, Brad, will be...

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Video: Deep hip flexor stretch for more efficient running

If I've never heard of a muscle, does that mean I don't have to give it any attention? Unfortunately, our muscles have minds of their own. They will make their presence known whether we like it or not! Today we're focusing on a deep hip flexor muscle known as the...

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Video: My Big Toe is That Important to Running?!

Do you realize how often runners lack flexibility in their big toe? You might not think that one toe could be that critical to running properly. However, any restriction in how well your big toe extends can throw a major monkey wrench into your running well...

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