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Video: ‘A Skips’ for Faster Feet and More Efficiency

Want to run faster and more efficiently? We all do. What are the nuts and bolts of making it happen? Simply put, faster feet and quicker push-off is a great start. What is a way to develop faster feet and a quicker push-off? I'm glad you asked. Today's video covers...

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Video: Running Form Drill for Better Efficiency

Running efficiently is not a new concept. We don't need any convincing that it's important to be as efficient as we can. But how do we take that from philosophy to practicality? What does it look like and how do we get it? One of the most basic things we need to get...

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Video: Power Skips Running Form Drill

How many of you have considered your running form? Most of us would rather just lace up and go, then get bogged down in details. Now, I'm not saying you need to fully geek out on your form, that can come later! But I do believe that it's worth your time and effort to...

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